Ryzen pbo undervolt reddit. If your room is 35°C, expect to see higher temps. Under 75c in game with thermal true spirit and 4850 constant. My first run was a -100mV offset. PBO Limits to "Auto" or "Motherboard" (Motherboard will allow higher temps/performance, so align with your goals) Then go to "Curve Optimizer" to see be below screen: This is where the amount of undervolt is set. Full load: 74-75c. PBO settings, PPT 85W, EDC 65A and TDC 95A. These are my settings are: Pbo: advanced Pbo limit: mobo Scaler: auto Curve: -20 all cores Override +200 Thermal limit auto. Using Cinebench or Prime95 is almost useless for undervolting Ryzens, since the instability usually lies during transient loads. If you don't lower the power limit a -10 or -15 pbo offset will normally just result in higher clock speed. Based on what I've been told (shouted at by) by X3D users. 1. BIOS 1. I don’t know the exact characteristics for 5800X3D, so that’s just my experience with 5950X, 5900X and 5800X. Try for couple of hours/days if not stable drop it by 2 until its stable. They likely won’t, but there should not even be the possibility. I have make a manual pbo 115/70/90. Then test and a range of TDC. EDC 120 in Ryzen master hit 4625Mhz when limit was default 90c. I have a Ryzen 5950X cooled with the Coolermaster MASTERLIQUID ML360R AIO, and my motherboard is the X570 AORUS MASTER. Use Core Cycler to fine tune. :) This guide recommends "stress" testing with Windows 10 Automated Repair and Diagnosis. 8ghz ST and 4. 3 ABBA BIOS. Realbench was successful with no issues, so I went to play some games and Sekiro would randomly crash. It was 33,329 for a 10 minute test, though the single run scored higher at 36,673. Yes , I don't know who the 5700x works but assuming it's the same as every other zen 3 chip you can add a 200mhz boost in the bios with PBO. Cinebench R23 Score. Ive left PBO on to take care of boosting only when the system needs it. Try OCCT with small data set and 1 thread. I plan to test going lower than -30 and see what is stable but I highly recommend doing it. I set a -30 offset on all cores and I bagged an extra 1000 points in Cinebench r23. The default limits for 105W CPUs: 142W PPT, 90A TDC, 140A EDC. 0875V @ 4300MHz and this reduced the temperature by 20°C. Feb 9, 2023 · "Do what makes the experience better" - in regards to PCs and Life itself. If you are undervolting and crashing when idle, your undervolt is too low. You are going to get flooded with "aMd rYzen 5oO0 nOrMaL iS 90C" if. My best limits for 5800x is TDC 95, EDC 110. If that's stable, you can try taking off a few mV at a time. Also, Some motherboard manufacturers have released new BIOS's that will allow you to set PBO offsets from the BIOS so it's always applied at boot (eliminating the need for PBO2 tuner scheduled tasks), which was Still doesn't answer why EDC 120 on Ryzen master / PBO limit = motherboard gives entirely different results than defining in BIOS. Quickly i became aware of PBO2 Tuner and found the undervolting guide on Github . 65Ghz is gonna be higher than PBO2. PPT 122 TDC 82 EDC 124 at -30 - From 5800X3D thread - No real change from default. 775, but higher multi core scores and same single core scores. Benchmark. 5800x PBO2 Settings Inquiry. Undervolting my 7800X3D made my performance noticeably higher and my system run cooler. 25 and I increased SOC voltage from 1 to 1. 75ghz MT during cinebench R20 runs. Your Curve Optimized undervolt will not be stable in low power workloads long before it will show any stability issues in any high power workloads, including every single benchmarking tool you use, including Cinebench and Prime95. UV is not to reduce temps, power limits reduce temps. . Hey guys! Sorry for delay, settings I’m using are -25 curve offset, maxing out the maximum PBO frequency boost (set it to +400 in ASUS bios but larger numbers don’t have an impact since it isn’t trying to boost beyond that limit anyways) and -0. BACKSTORY: I interpreted the results OT got as 5600x having the biggest undervolt margin, but I lost the silicon lottery. 375v for a fixed voltage overclock, pbo will manage voltage depending on load/power/temps etc and will run over the fixed oc voltage recommendation fairly often so it can boost to higher frequencies. It will not hurt peak performance, but help with idle tasks temps. PBO 2. I’m currently undervolting my CPU using PBO 2 in order to lower temps but have had no luck. BIOS Version: AMI UEFI 1. My goal was to find out the lowest negative offset where I would not lose performance too much, keep my temps and power usage low as possible. 25v (not applied in BIOS) Idle: 40-42c. Load up BIOS defaults, go into PBO menu and enable advanced. Even my old Intel Core i5-7600K with Zalman CNPS5X doesn't have such issues. The boost frequency and performance will vary by CPU coolers, since CPU Overclock + Undervolting 5700x. What I always do in addition is to add a max boost clock of -500. But it is important to remember that every processor is somewhat unique and the OverClocking and UnderVolting capabilities can vary dramatically. Limits Ryzen Master usefulness if values don't translate the same. ryzen 5950x undervolting. A620I cooling/undervolt. When I play games like Apex Legends or Halo Infinite, my CPU goes up to 75-85 degrees. Basically, a 50mV undervolt tells a CPU that instead of operating at, say, 2GHz at 1V, operate at 2GHz at 0. The result heavily depends on your cooling solution, as higher temperatures cause more electromigration so the FIT has to allow less voltage. 104 votes, 68 comments. Have to test which values TDC/EDC perform best for your specific chip. PBO increases the limits for Ryzen on the motherboard (Overall power, max current etc. Also per core curve optimization for each core entered in BIOS, values from Ryzen Master after testing for hours in Ryzen Master. Pbo limits set to mobo, curve optimizer / per core. For me this worked great, it will be stable in most cases. 2-3 cores occasionally hit 4. boost over the default max boost which is 4,95. Motherboard: ASRock X670E Steel Legend. Undervolting 7900x. CPUZ single 642 CPUZ multi 6641. Its basically an undervolt with a -30 Core Curve. Alternatively enable eco mode in bios to run at low temps, and sacrifice a little performance. Results: ~20,5k in Cinebench R23 // peaking 4. So yours will most likely be lower than that. Jun 6, 2022 · Member. This settings are stable on my pc because it crashes when i set it to 4700Mhz. 22. A 20-30 dollar air tower cooler will greatly improve temps. PBO Thermal Point 85°C/75°C/65°C to limit the Ryzen 7000 temperature Using the curve optimiser with a negative value is the correct way to undervolt Ryzen 5000. Therefore, I used this measurement throughout my testing Likely one or two cores cant sustain such low voltage. run cb, use ryzen master, see temps and boost. If you want to do a negative offset make sure to also lower the power limit. Hi All Have the below setup Ryzen 7 7700 Thermalright Frost Commander 140 ASUS TUF X670E Gaming WiFi LIAN LI Air Mini stock fans I've set the below…. It will boost up to 200 mhz higher single core assuming it's got the power and the temps to do it. Skill RipJaws S5 DDR5-6400 @ DDR5-6000 / 1,3V Thermalright Phantom Spirit SE 120 Results I set my AutoOC offset to +200MHz, and then started incrementally increasing the undervolt, expecting to only get to +5 or +10 before I would need to start checking individual cores. MuchRefrigerator7836. Usually the high temp complaints are a result of poor case air flow combined with using the stock cooler. I am a complete noob and I wish to undervolt my Ryzen 7 5800X as the temps are really high and hit 80c while gaming. I did a quick benchmark to give you guys an overview. Get around 11900-12000 on r23 at 77 degrees No errors or random restarts. The game changer was tuning down PBO (200mhz to 0) and setting a cpu-wide negative offset in CO (per-core previously). I was watching a bunch of videos online and tried to come up with my own custom settings for a stable setup. thats the max safe temp, ryzen 5000 down clocks at 75c. Look at the cpu SVI2 TFN sensor also, it's OptimusTech did a PBO review and demonstrated that some 5800x and 5900x were stable with -30 all cores negative offset. Gotta love those offset undervolts. Learn to overclock, ask experienced users your questions, boast your rock-stable, sky-high OC and help others! Then set EDC to whatever hits 100% in Ryzen Master while running CB23. Сooling system: DEEPCOOL AK620 ZERO DARK. Normally I can do -10 ~ -20. You could try to undervolt the CPU in BIOS, which will help with the temps. Some 3600s with the stock cooler can run well below 1. 500mv. 09v, everything else left auto. I have only enabled PBO and i really want to know how to test CO stability per core, do i need to do additional voltage undervolt and meddle with LLC? Ryzen 7 5700x undervolt PBO help. ago. Ryzen Master - 4. 4 of 12 cores will hit 5 Ghz, with the golden core hitting 5. Same also for my gpu undervolt, ran every benchmark everyone said to try and test, some for hours, it was all good. undervolting is about getting more for less power. 21 volts on al cores (about 1. glenndrives. 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (Hynix B-Die) 3000Mhz @ 3400Mhz 16-19-15-15-36/58. Just enable pbo and under curve optimizer (co) set all core to - 30. Cool temps 69-73. Tried many more tests and basically had to turn the undervolt down more. Here is the result of Cinbench R23 nT performance. There isn't. My 5800X, weather you OC, PBO or use curve optimizer ends up in the same ~85C at the absolute max on a noctua NH-D14. Use the AMD Ryzen tool to find out your two best cores and dont go below -25 on them. My goal here was to lower the temp. Reduced vcore offset accordingly. 090V, I am not losing much performance compared to stock or PBO. 85ghz down to 5. 36v with 4 Dimms (4x8GB) stable at soc voltage max of 1. PBO all tweaked up to 1000,114,168, 10x scaling, +200Mhz. 3v to 1. • 1 yr. PBO Scalar: Auto. I added +5 on each value as they seemed bit low, maybe it can work with 5 less even. " Some people can't even boot at -30. Full load: 75-77c. So when I do -30 and the volt Lowers Hey, I just wanted to share a quick overview over the results I got, with like no effort at all. I set PBO2 Tuner to -20 on all cores and noticed that my voltage, temps and power comsumption are higher than without PBO2. 0 w/ Curve Optimizer: Undervolting is a way of overclocking CPUs and GPUs that have an internal table that maps voltage to operating frequency. 42v. PBO helps more in single threaded apps (games) than it does in Cinebench. At best temps are 5C better. First of all, like Ben4425 said, I've checked the cooler and re-applied the thermal paste, using the 5 point method, gaining ~ 2C. If it's not stable, add +2mV to all cores and see where you're at. Played a game and ran fine for hours, then tried another game and it constantly crashes after every 5mins. The other way is on the picture and is the one i currently use since the perfomance was almost the same, plus that my current settings give me less Hey. I saw better temperatures but the clock speed dips sometime. I'm a little worried about these temps, so I want to try to undervolt it so my temps go down. Lets truly undervolt the 5800x3D: . But without a vcore offset and with the max pbo curve offset of -30 (x 3v for a max load offset of -90mv), the lowest vcore at PBO max boost is still 1. I guess the best cores already use an internal undervolt that doesnt show with tools, so they are more sensitive to Curve Optimizer undervolting. Also 3700X is quite a powerful cpu, unless you are playing at high frame rates - you can disable auto overclock (performance boost, etc), it will reduce temperatures by several degrees. (CPUZ) I ran the tests multiple times to confirm the results. Help Request - CPU. It is normal with this CPU. HWiNFO64 CPU Die (average) matches Ryzen Master the closest; both are roughly 0. On this "Precision Boost Overdrive" screen set: Precision Boost Overdrive to "Advanced". PS: Planning to make the Noctua to 100% fan speed at all times and test if it will be noisy af as the Wraith Prism :D. -30 curve optimizer I would run into stability issues, and -25 I was hitting 90C on my 360MM AIO during multi core (which I've finally settled in on the optimal tuning for my 5900x, and wanted to share the results as well as a short guide on how to get the best out of your zen 3 as well! First and foremost - the scores (cinebench r23, average of ~5 runs): MC - 23000. (apologies if there are typing errors post made with translator) A few days ago I upgraded my processor from a 3600X to a 5700X. 8M subscribers in the Amd community. I just used Ryzen Master to activate PBO (no manual changes) and curve optimizer set to -20 all core. My own results of applying an undervolt using PBO curve optimizer (no other PBO settings) actually showed a slight decrease in both single core and multi core performance. OC Report - CPU. So short answer: It'll help with both temp and all core boost clocks. After ~16 hrs of Corecycler my CO is down to +1 -2 -11 -15 +1 -2 at +200. Googling didn't help yet. 6. mhz. You can see this reflected in the first part of the video walkthrough, where having a -30 all-core offset maintains the exact same thermals/power while increasing peak 5. Stick around the lowest sustained SVI2 TFN voltage during the run. Try to find a guide on a 2700x PBO overclock and do the same, the only difference is yours is a 2600x. Curve optimizer: Per Core Negative 15 on all except for Core 3 and 7 which are the star cores Leave PBO off and the D15 shouldn't hit 80°. Edit: Note that your PBO limits will be lower than shown in link since they use a 5950x. I don't think you'll lose clock speeds at -10% power limit. Revert your bios to default and restart. 3375v, in your case it's a totally different approach. But you can still undervolt it, limit the CPU temperature, or enabling diffrent TDP settings inlcuding Eco Mode (65W) for lower CPU temperature without sacrificing the performance. positive then add the value you want in. CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X. 025v vcore offset. Alpha Version (s) have a preset for your CPU, click on performance mode BEFORE undervolting as it allows us to undervolt harder, I was stuck at -10 and got to -25 stable. Ryzen Master manual, 1. The "simple" path is to undervolt all cores i just got a Ryzen 5900x and was looking better ways to undervolt. 5v. Going -20 might work too and look stable and run fine. this is terrible advice. ) PBO PPT/TDC/EDC: 95W/85A/120A The whole point of negative PBO is to "make room" (in voltage) for more and longer-sustained overclocking, including via built-in mechanisms like Core Performance Boost (CPB). PPT is the power drawn from the socket, TDC is sustained current limit drawn from the VRM, and EDC is the peak current limit drawn from the VRM. LoserOtakuNerd. I normally do the regular Clock + Voltage adjust in bios with previous ryzen, but everyone seems to be praising the PBO curve. Details: Settings. NH D15 = with this cooler i recommend trying out static overclock, like 4. This is just a cap on performance and will not yield as good of results as undervolting. AMD is in a position where their lawyers could send people doing RMAs after using PBO to prison if they catch them. forget Further testing for those who want can be done. June 6, 2022. 45ghz on some reboots. e cpu reaches 120W set it @110 W. ghz (if i. Zen+ X processors overclocking is made through PBO and undervolting. CB R23 MC = 15798 at 84CCB R23 SC = 1603 at 49-51C. 2v, but with good cooling, it can be closer to 1. I’m using a 7900X in a Strix X670-E mobo I know this is perfectly fine and within spec for my CPU Now these perfectly sufficient temperatures are ONLY really possible if I override everything with a Ryzen Master profile at CPU clock speed of 4,400 and CPU voltage at 1. You'll also need Hwinfo64 and Excel to keep note of scores. So the cpu will. PBO ON. Maybe 55-95 then select best performing. Hey I bought an A620i board from gigabyte without knowing the board didn't support voltage control and I currently have a 7600x that runs to 95C under load and it bothers me. My CPU temps seems to have lowered to 38 degrees on iddle and around 50° and 60° (max) while gaming. Pbo boost +50mhz. In BIOS i used AMD overclocking section under ''ADVANCED'' tab. 5 to 2. That's 1. Max clock went from 5. There are so many different factors. - PBO Limits OFF. 65W PPT ~ 45W TDP (possibly) 45W PPT ~ 25W TDP (possibly) Not completely sure if the 65W PPT and 45W PPT are an accurate simulation of their TDP counterparts, predicting power consumption is very messy in the laptop space where these are usually used. The 5600x in my new A520 board goes to 4. 4Ghz (+200 tothat value if you change it manually in bios), so either way 4. From discussions / arguments with users both on Reddit and overclock. Ryzen 7 5700X Undervolt Help. Ryzen 9 7900X can't undervolt and running hot. I had a 2600, so I had to stick with a manual overclock of 4. I searched online and the First i tried two different ways to undervolt my cpu. SoC offset 0. If I touch nothing in BIOS and run PBO Undervolting using Negative Offset on Ryzen 5 3600 (Part 2) - Ryzen 3000. Enabling PBO can raise those values to the maximum supported by the motherboard BIOS. Now then Open them both up. 6Ghz, system is stable, I did a lot of stress tests and gaming too! Everything looks great and the temps are really better. All things overclocking go here. 31 prev). Computer Type: Desktop. Set my curve optimizer to -18 -18 -18 -20 -25 -25 +200 on +MHz. Turn it on and it likely will. Easiest way is to decrease power limit. 025 peak voltage: Cinebench score 3208, temps around 53. I've set my Ryzen 7 5700X to use 1. I seem to be having some kind of problem getting undervolting my cpu , (similar to this method Ryzen 5000 Undervolting with PBO2 – Absolutely Worth Doing - YouTube ) and engaging with PBO with Ryzen master,they dont seem to be playing well together but work fine when using individually. It boosts to 4550 if you undervolt it though and stock it never hits those clocks, at least on my CPU that's the case. Im new to ryzen, and i've succesfully ran 3600 C16 @1. -30 all core on every other Ryzen 5000 CPU is almost definitely not stable. ). Temps also went down quite a bit but I need more testing to be sure. I have the same CPU and the same temps, 80 celcius on 100% and 60 celcius when idling. So I have a Ryzen 9 5950x in a custom waterloop with two 360 mm radiators. 3v. And -15 all cores. The only things ive set manually is the core voltage and the ram timings. 5v due to the PSU being bad and drawing more voltage because of the dip, and when the dip was over, it spiked over 1. -10 gives some temperature improvement and will make the clocks higher. Apr 2, 2021 · Apr 2, 2021. From Zen1 (Ryzen 2000 series) to Zen3+ (Ryzen 6000 series), please join us in discussing the future of mobile computing. i set mine to 125/85/125 and CO -15 on my 2 fastest and -25 on the rest. (I don’t know if this is right) which is 4650Mhz (All Cores) with a 1. more, set it to. 15ghz at 1. In the b550 OC tweaker tab, i have to manually set the CPU Vcore and Freq. Build/Parts Check. Welcome to /r/AMD — the subreddit for all things AMD; come talk about Ryzen, Radeon… Good, easy steps. This allows you to undervolt the CPU in a more controlled way, shifting the voltage-frequency up or down with the range being -150mV to +150mV depending on the setting. As you can see from my table below, at -0. PBO Limits: Motherboard. There might be a bug in the BIOS where these actually get decreased (typo maybe). At first I used Ryzen Master and set the voltage to 1. Results in cinebench multi: Score: 11752 - 11830. For gpu go to adrenaline software, manual tuning, then decrease power slider to -10%. [deleted] • 8 mo. Ryzen Balanced is the most often recommended plan. Also FYI, Ryzen Master will not allow you to set PBO offsets for the 5800X3D but you can use it to monitor clock speeds, voltages, etc. CPU boost clock increased. Config TDP offers default PBO settings for Ryzen CPU such as 170W Ryzen 9 7950X/7900X and 105W Ryzen 7700X/7600X, and also 125W/95W/65W/45W profiles. A community dedicated toward all things AMD mobile. For cpu: go to bios, pbo settings, select manual, then set ppt to 65w. Boost clocks went from about 4615mhz to 4720mhz. PBO is an advertised feature. The competition between Ryzen and Intel is fierce this year for best gaming laptop CPU! So after some research and with the use of hwinfo64, cpuz, sinebenchr23, occt, prime95. 650Ghz with 1. With all that said I have heard that it can actually reduce the boost clock frequency. If you get to know how to control temps after tweaking the BIOS, please let me know. 3000mv. It unlocks three settings related to power consumption - PPT, TDC, and EDC. You should not need to commit an act of fraud to get a warranty when you need one after using it. Yeah works pretty okay on my 5800x with the same settings. Your PPT can set to 200, TDC can range from 75-125, EDC from 110-160. . CPU voltage offset -0. itagouki. If you actually want to maximize it's performance, just work on your memory OC and optimize the timings. degrees lower than CPU (Tctl/Tdie) When setting a PBO thermal limit in the BIOS, it pegs the CPU Die (average) temp at the selected value. Just wanted to share some interesting findings! Followed this well known guide by OptimumTech to undervolt AMD CPU. SC - 1630. I'm also using tecware fusion case. PPT 130 TDC 85 EDC 110 at -30 - Default 5600X3D Limits - Ok. 21. The motherboard could have been bad. Skill Flare X5 6000CL36 32GB / Samsung 980 1TB x3 / Super Flower Leadex V Platinum Pro 850 / EK-AIO 360 Basic / Fractal Design North XL (black mesh) / AOC AGON 35" 3440x1440 100Hz / Mackie CR5BT / Corsair Virtuoso SE / Cherry MX I think I'm finally ready to dip my toes in the world of CPU overclocking, after overclocking my GPU as much as I can with it's stock cooling. Here are details. 25V, its gonna be better since ryzen 5600 boosts up to 4. Board:A620I. Config TDP and Cinebench performance. Setting a thermal limit will give you less for less power. In the advance section of PBO, set PBO limits to motherboard or manual and set values that you won’t realistically hit. Turning on eco-mode in the bios would probably be the easiest way to reduce temps. anything above that and you are losing performance. 2ghz @ 1. A 360mm AIO cooler is used. 025 override voltage: Cinebench score in the 2800's, temps around 60 (a terrible way to undervolt) BIOS -0. PBO is not an on/off setting. I recently upgraded to a ryzen 7 5800x and very new to PBO2. PBO2. - Curve -30. You'll see it a lot gaming but extreme loads like prime95 should reduce the voltage back down. In-between each step, I tested for stability using the Windows 10 Automatic Repair and Diagnosis tool 10x, as described in this post. Undid the undervolt and that same game ran for hours. So, for a recap, we started with: pbo undervolt - all cores -25. Curve Optimizer: Negative -10. #=====# The goal of this community is to provide a wide variety of information for those considering an AMD laptop. 2. I lowered the wattage and changed the max thermal to 85 which has decreased power consumption but the temps still hit 95 under load. Skill Trident Z5 RGB, 16GBx2, DDR5, 6000MHz, 36-36-36-96. X570 tuf 3001 bios. I tried both ways and that's my results. Discussion. 5800x using about 1. 0. 31v! So what I am doing is combining vcore offset with PBO2 curve and using Ryzen Master to optimize per core curve. Case fans: Arctic p12 x2. Then reduce offset a bit more (for stability) and see if games are crashing, if not - undervoltage is done. Literally add +5mV to cores 2-7, and +15 to cores 0-1. CPU: 7600x. Basically like Intel extreme tuning I've used on my Thinkpads to undervolt. I decided to try out the Curve Optimizer 'Pre Core' and the results are -30 on Or just don't bother, I don't think there's much to be gained undervolting a 5800X3D anyways. MSI b450M Mortar 1. My setup: Ryzen 7 7800X3D AsRock B650M Pro RS 2x24GB G. m not wrong) As for your question, leave it disable as it z still very powerful and you can undervolt properly The highest I have been able to achieve on Intel i9-13980HX is in the MSI GE78HX with a hefty undervolt on P-Cores, E-Cores, and Ring/Cache. see what your ppt limits are and set it a tick lower- i. I locked cpu voltage to 1. No Boost. Anyone have additional tweaks or resources they can point me to to mess around? 7950x w/ PBO undervolt by 100mv, 32gb DDR5-6000 EXPO CL30, Kraken X72 (without AM5 brackets), Gigabyte Master X670. But I want to know if this settings are good or if I can get better than that, maybe using the PBO. (Surely i could make better cu with per core and corecycler but for now im ok with a modest -15) My scores are: Ciner23 multi 15201 Ciner23 single 1551. PSU: DeepCool PX1000G, 1000W, 80+ Gold. I have determined that using PBO/PBO2 is my best option for my uses (mostly gaming Bad psu which with said ripple, caused power to spike over 1. Temps around 85c under cinebench r23. avoid. Then test EDC 80-140 or so. Here is the one without PBO2, stock settings PBO Boost override: -100mhz. It's dramatically under reporting my clock speeds at under 1000 MHz peak. 25000-26000. Edit: (Solved) After receiving my parts, here is my findings, You can turn on PBO and set power limits, PBO scalar and curve optimizer on a520 boards, specifically Gigabyte A520i AC. Dec 3, 2022 · Come back here if you update the bios since it will delete your saves and return everything back to Default Values. you want your cpu to boost higher clock like 5ghz or. Set up your case with proper air flow and use a quality after market cooler, adjust clocks with PBO and the curve optimizer, and let the chip run. If you want to lower total power consumption/temp, lower the power limit values within the pbo menu. 88W PPT ~ 65W TDP. net I would say that; -30 all core on the 5800X3D whilst remaining stable is very common. Firstly i tried changing PBO limits: PPT:120,TDC:75,EDC:110 with curve optimizer to "per core" with negative signs and some different numbers. It usually finds errors pretty fast. Seen in ryzen master: PPT: 1000 TDC: 114 EDC: 168. Bios: PBO/Curve Optimizer Negative Magnitude 15-18. I just have a question after setting my pbo limit in bios Lowering EDC & TDC doesn't allow for a greater undervolt and there is little relationship between PBO limits and CO. 29v to 1. 3700X cooled by Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition. Looks like I have to undervolt my PC but not sure where and how. Stable version will have a section called, "CPU Overclocking", click there, It has undervolting. So, it's been a little bit more than a couple hours, but here we are. 2V offset: Cinebench score in the 2800's, temps around 70 (the worst possible way to undervolt) From these results, clearly the 3rd one is the best if I If you want - dial in a small negative offset on a curve optimizer and call it a day. start with i. I was getting 78 degrees gaming with it and around 50 on iddle. Set and forget is leaving it at stock. Here are my settings so far: PBO Limits: Motherboard. 25MHz // voltage ~1,2 // ~105W. Stock. On stock settings, the cpu goes 50-55 degrees on idle. So in the summer my CPU can get as high as 88°C under full load (CPU cooler isn't that great but can get the job done). Highest effective clock speeds. RAM: G. I have tried to set PBO -50 but it didn't help. Problem: I have up to 89C degrees while playing in some old games like Cossacks 3 and it's only 65C in Cyberpunk 2077. Temp: ~67C Clock: ~4560Mhz (all cores) Peak voltage: 1. CPU cooler: Thermalright x47 full copper. PPT 100 TDC 70 EDC 100 at -30 - From 5800X3D thread - Highest average clock, decent temps (78C with Power Limit causes the cpu to run slower with the default voltage curve, and possibly stuttering under spikes. Once you do this, boot into Windows, open Ryzen Master and start CB23 multi thread test. I could go +100 and increase my undervolt but the only benefit would be reduced power usage and lower boost clocks. 250V. 31134. The same happens with -15 on all cores. 2 (Non-advanced settings). 95V instead, and whatever frequency is mapped to 1V is now >2GHz. I enabled PBO and CO too in AMD Overclocking. Onyx : A MD Ryzen 7 7800x3d / MSI 6900xt Gaming X Trio / Gigabyte B650 AORUS Pro AX / G. The cpu itself could have been bad. AMD says Ryzen 7000 is designed to run at 95°C for 24/7. While the 5600x and 5950x were an all core negative offset of only -12. The second part of PBO, curve optimizer/CO, was added in Zen 3 as ‘PBO 2’. Easiest Method: Kombo Strike 3- Just go to your overclocking options in BIOS and choose Kombo Strike: 3. It's not impossible to run a -30 all core offset on a 5700x, just highly unlikely unless you have the "golden chip. #1. 142W PPT ~ 105W TDP. 1. I used Ryzen Dram calculator to manually set all my ram timings and I havent gone for a constant all core 24/7 overclock. 275V and All clocks to 4. PBO Curve: Per-core (-27 to -30 range -- Used Ryzen Master curve optimization with larger vcore offset until per-core offsets went slightly under -30, to understand relative differences between cores and then normalized to -30 range. In general I'd say it's worth it as long as the temps are reasonable. Obviously your ambient temps play a role, if your room is 12°C, you have nothing to worry about. so my cpu voltage was set to auto and it was going around 1. e best cores @-15 ,rest @ -20, run cb, use ryzen master,if ok, go -15 with -25 and repeat( those values are not fixed,they depend on silicon lottery, case, cooling,but are a good start). GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 4080 SUPRIM X. Ram at 4000/2000fclk 16-16-16-16-30-46. You should get better perf and lower power if the only things you did is pbo 2 curve optimizer and disable power limits, albeit -30 sounds a bit unrealistic for me. te mm fc wx xj zr qc iq na wv