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Avengers fanfiction peter saves his class. " Peter sighed again and ran a hand through his hair. 000o000. The other gunmen herded the scared students into a corner, yelling threats at the teenagers, who scrambled to follow orders. With this new realization of just how strong the team is he whispers 2 words. She ignored this and grinned at him. " Peter explained then finished with a nervous giggle. "I may injure the Spider without intending to. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family - Words: 2,437 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: Jan 12 - Status: Complete - id: 14317227. It was a bit after lunch and I was sitting in my physics class with Mrs Jan 6, 2020 · Peter's class was going on a fieldtrip! And Peter was… Peter was staying behind. TW: Discussions of past sexual abuse and bullying. He realized his mistake a second too late. Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Crime May 18, 2019 · Peter asked, Happy nodded then walked off as he left Peter and Wanda alone. He woke slowly the bright Peter gets in trouble at school and Tony comes to rescue. "I-I'm sorry, Tony. Ned and MJ were clearly laughing at him as Peter mad his way up to the front to help out his Dad. Alright, so I'm thinking Spidey here vs. There was a gas attack in Midtown. Peter's struggling to cope after the loss of Mr. The man pushed Peter against the floor hitting him repeatedly in the head. "You're kidding. His spider-sense tingled lightly up the back of his neck, and his masked eyes flittered about in confusion Movies Avengers. At first, it was only sniffling and Tony thought the baby might settle down on his own. led to his classmates nearly dying in an elevator. Now Peter is living with Tony and trying to not fall apart. Peter fell asleep almost immediately tony chuckled at his small snores. " Fury says and hangs up. Eugene gets put in his place. At the age of ten, he was their best weapon. Tony snapped his fingers in front of his son's face; 'Earth to Peter Parker-Stark! Natasha watched Peter bring his hand up and stare at the small black spider with the infamous red hourglass design on her back. Spiderman had saved his best friend. Peter stood outside Midtown, awkwardly waiting for Mr. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor - Ned, Spider Recovery By: Anonymity is crucial. Tony shook his head, pulling Peter close to his chest. At least not until Peter started losing track of reality. Happy only grumbled fondly in response before lifting the glass divider and separating the two in the car. Take me, and I'll do whatever you want, I won't cause trouble, just don't hurt anyone else. Stark save the wizard from the aliens on the doughnut-like spaceship. Peter rolled his eyes at the sloppy form and shaky hands. Morgan Stark: Tony Stark's daughter, genius, and Savior of Earth? 20 years from the events of Endgame, the world is in danger. Great, his first job tonight. Arthur, walked in with an excited expression on his face. A series of unrelated one-shots about Peter Parker based on prompts sent to me on Tumblr or in comments. "Just gimme the money, bitch, " The guy ordered. "Um, E. Maybe he wouldn't have thought he needed to prove he was strong. Experiment-wise, Peter had a good time helping out his Dad. About 15 minutes later tony noticed a weight on his chest he looked down and saw peter curled onto his chest Aug 12, 2017 · Peter rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. " Hesitantly, gently, he pressed his lips to Peter's scalp. Spider-Man NWH: Peter’s secret identity is outed to the entire world, and that includes his high school. every day after school to work in the labs and with Peter opened his mouth to ask how genders worked for AIs when he suddenly realized that during his metal speculation, E. Don't leave him out of your sights. Identity reveal fic. Not Who You'd Expect By: Lp37451. Avengers as a family Irondad and Spiderson Peter being a loveable idiot Field Trips Meeting the Avengers. You saved my life, you saved…hell, you saved the whole world. "Alright then i'll be on my way". T. Steve, Nat, Bruce, and Thor are still reeling from the effects of what happened until an unexpected guest arrives at the doorstep. Inside his office, Phil sees Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton. Peter caught a hold of it, using one arm to wrap the huge gauntlet to his chest and the other to swing back to safety. Peter jumped a little at the sudden noise, having to force himself not to cling to the ceiling in surprise. "I do not think that is wise Man of Iron," Thor said, his voice echoing loudly around the room. The bones could be heard snapping in half and Peter cried out in pain. pre infinity war, avengers still live in stark tower. " No, no, no no. , Hawkeye/Clint B. After Aunt May had passed away, a casualty in the Infinity War, Tony had gotten guardianship over him and they were as close as father and son. At the age of seven, he was experimented on and inherited the DNA of a spider. Steve, Tony, Pepper, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Loki, Wanda, and Bucky live at the tower and Peter visits everyday after school when he is done patrolling and even has his own lab Oct 26, 2016 · A hot dog cart went flying through the air, crashing into the street. He should have brought his suit. A/B/O AU. The first sign that something was wrong happened when Peter woke up an hour early from his nap. No mask to hide behind now Parker. He grinned under his mask. At MJ's nod, he smirked. Tony has a heart. Sep 18, 2017 · Peter raised his chin, defiant, as his teacher watched him in awe. "Don't pay attention to him, man," Ned said. A series of one shots consisting of Peter being a part of the Avengers family and Tony acting as his dad. With the rise of Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man, Peter Parker opts to lead a quieter life alongside his wife, Mary Jane Watson. Movies Avengers. However, Peter has a rebuke for them along with a wakeup call, not that they will probably get it. Rated: Fiction M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Iron Man/Tony S. " Peter whirled around, coming face to face with a tall blonde woman, swathed in black. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Chapters: 3 - Words Tony gets mad. "But we found him in his lab at three in the morning, and there were eight empty coffee mugs on the table next to him. Fortunately, A white horse with wings caught him with a rider beside him. NO ANGST Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Family - Iron Man/Tony S. Aug 2, 2019 · Peter was sitting in science class when five people burst in. So when an idea comes to him, he doesn't hesitate, no matter how crazy it is. Immediately, one shot Mr. He was already shaking his head. Fast. It is by pure miracle that Peter does not have aquaphobia. ' / Anything to keep his friends, and Tony and May safe. "I don't plan to. Tony whispered, fighting the urge to shake the kid…or hug him. Not Spider-Man's. Oct 9, 2019 · One very upset scientist had been desperate for the toilet and was very disturbed when they found Mjolnir sitting on top of the toilet lid in the stall. Peter, You're Suspended By: GryffindorGyrl1997. Tony chuckled quietly and leaned down to rub Peter's shoulder gently. , Hulk/Bruce B. Damn it Peter get a grip! He gripped the sides of his head then let his hands dropped. He can't envision a life without his mentor. He wasn't the most well known Avenger, but he thought Peter would appreciate the gesture. Glancing over his shoulder he realizes the Avengers are behind him. Peter doesn't normally fight, so Steve and Tony are at a loss. Dec 26, 2020 · Emergency Contact by petrakronos. Natasha unlike most of her teammates is fascinated by his new ability. A/N- In this AU, Peter and Harley are Tony and Pepper's biological children. He could already imagining Peter graduating and heading to his own alma matter MIT and then straight onto working at Stark Industries where he will one day be helping to run the company with Morgan. Spider-Man wakes up in the soul world and begins to rely on Bucky Barnes for both physical and emotional support. She would definitely have captured the Flash incident and would easily have the potential to show his dad and the rest of the Avengers. At the age of six, he was taken by HYDRA. Peter didn't understand why teachers had to make English so boring. Aunt May doesn't take finding out that her nephew is Spiderman very well. - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,230 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 60 - Follows: 44 - Published Aug 14, 2023 · Definitely more than his own father showed when he was Peter's age. From that day on, he decided to always protect the Spider-guy from all harm. It was scary, but everyone was fine. OR: A post-infinity war fic about Peter Parker, who, when looking for someone May doesn't want him anymore, Tony and Pepper are busy all the time, his friends don't talk to him anymore and Morgan hates his guts. Civilians fled, screaming chaotically, and a loud roar vibrated through the air, shaking the ground beneath their feet. " From the corner of his eye, he could see the captain's head snap up to stare at him. Two and half years have passed since Peter Parker donned the Spider-man suit and made a name for himself. One by one the groups went down with the elevator until Peter's group was the only one left again. Avnegers one-shots, most of them starring our favourite spiderling. Pepperony, IronStrange, and Stony for Tony. He grabbed his sword from his belt and Peter tried to move, but the man drove it down through Peter's leg. Aug 20, 2019 · Children Of Iron By: boop-oop-ee-doo. Peter was becoming quite the mystery! The door opened, revealing Pepper and Morgan, Morgan on her Stark Pad because Pepper had brought her along to the meeting. The whole class was visiting his house and there was no way that the Avengers would let him get off scot-free. IronDad & SpiderSon One Shots By: IronsSpidey. They were all ecstatic, with the exception of Peter, who was, to say the least, absolutely mortified. Peter squinted at the screen to see it better, unconsciously stepping out from behind everyone to do so. Ohana By: wolfypuppypiles. Upon meeting up with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, whose back to life, they give him a new offer to join the rebuilding Avengers. "Guess I'll have to carry him," Tony sighed. When the boys were one, Tony and Pepper adopted Shuri, who was born the day after Peter in the same year Jan 3, 2020 · The spider-guy said before being rammed by Sam. I'm sorry the summary sucks, I suck at writing summaries. Requests are welcome as well! Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Friendship - Captain America/Steve R. Peter blinked through his tears to recognize the secretary from the front desk, a soft yet worried look as she pulled her hand away from Peter. "you better not hurt him again. ; until Loki actually does something to warrant a threat against his identity, he doesn't see a need to say anything. " It was MJ's turn to blink, though she followed it up with a glance in Peter and Ned's direction. This is a joke, right?" Peter asked but the way his voice shook Tony knew he understood the truth. Stark had lots of rules, and Peter liked to think that he'd finally memorized them all. Peter parker sickfics By: Sicklilspidey. This would be hard to explain. It was torturous and in a place like this of all places for this to happen. No one but the people at S. Everyone keeps telling him it'll get better and that he needs to move on, but Peter doesn't want to. Vision found it easy to bond with Morgan Stark, keeping a promise to Tony that he would care for her. The field trip to Oscorp led to a radioactive spider bite. Peter sucked in a sharp breath and more blood leaked from his wound and his mouth. Agent. A lot has happened to him and the other Avengers in that time and as the middle of Peter’s senior school year arrives, Midtown High School gets a surprise invitation for their engineering students to take a tour of Stark Industries. It couldn't be real, it couldn't be Movies Avengers. . He wished the universe would take him now. And one time Peter wished he never heard of science before, because that shouldn't have been possible, but it was and now his head ached just from thinking about it too much. "Ok thanks Mr. That doesn't mean evil won't still try and ruin everything along the way. Cause and Effect By: PokeyDotes. "Yeah, well, he's Spider-kid for a reason. Matashi, sending him to the ground, a bullet hole in his forehead. Peter and Harley had moved to stand against a far wall as opposed to joining the class. "Hi sweetheart. had gone on to answer his question and Peter had completely missed part of it. You're joking. Balancing school, homework, his secret job, and being Spiderman was hard, but somehow, Peter managed to do it. Ned and Peter sat down right next to each other and Steve and Bucky sat behind them. " CHAPTER 1: Field Trip. Peter was gasping, red painting his lips already as blood slipped down his suit to stain the ground beneath him. Peter gets suspended from school for fighting, but he refuses to talk to his dads and tell them why. Peter had saved Rhodey's life. " Peter steadied his breath, comforted by the fact that Mr Stark was much more open to hearing what he wanted to say. "Hope you don't mind the change in plans, Happy has the day off and Tony got dragged into a December 5, 2002. An overweight man in black held a woman and her husband at knife point. His best friends and the teachers just laughed with him. Peter swung down a block and into a dark parking lot behind some buildings. The kid was the perfect mix of boss and puppy to help manage while still keeping everyone happy and in a good mood. "What…what the fuck…". Tony saves Peter By: Jaybird883. "Get to my office. "I know!" Aug 9, 2021 · Steve could hear the panic in the teen's voice, and he was quick to reassure him. The events of Endgame leave the world in pieces, but no one is more broken than Peter Parker. Hands shoved in his hoodie pocket, he kept his head down, following the throng of students entering the front door to the school. Peter figured he had to have a weakness to his spider powers, but he never expected to find out in such a brutal way. His eyes remained open, only this time there was no life in them. An alien called Psych has escaped from the fear dimension and the Earth is in ruins. It's making him waste away, the depression. It's clear that he's communicating with the spider. (SPOILERS FOR ENDGAME) Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort - Iron Man/Tony S. Pairings could include. He wouldn't lose another father figure. Maybe he would have asked for help when he needed it. He doesn't tell the Avengers, to save himself the hassle of dealing with S. Jan 15, 2019 · “Hey Happy!” Peter said. Spiderman was a hero, he saved people. Language: English. Sep 7, 2020 · said Ned with excitement as they motioned Steve and Bucky inside their History class. "Hey, kid. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family - Iron Man/Tony S. " The boy still didn't wake up. On that note, they both ignored Flash's taunts and Apr 26, 2019 · Black Panther obliged quickly and threw at him. Wake up," he whispered. For Peter it could be MJ or even Shuri. " Peters' voice was wet, his strained breaths pulling past bloodstained teeth. A collection of Peter Parker one-shots. Stark. Peter almost felt sorry for Flash, you did not want to be on the receiving end of the Avenger's wrath. " "Good. Perhaps he could help Tony mentor Morgan if she shows the ol Stark IQ. , War Machine/James R. knew about his triple life. "I'm sorry kid. hints of Peter x Gwen, set after spiderman homecoming and civil war never happened. The Avengers will be there trying to embarrass Peter, but also find out what will happen when the Avengers especially Tony finds out about the the school Bully flash. If anything, nearly drowning, tangled in a parachute and having Iron Man save you should make sure Peter stayed out of bodies of water, but no, the boy was psychologically unharmed. " Good morning, Peter" came Friday's voice from the speakers in his bedroom at Stark Tower. Scott Lang who was presumed dead mysteriously escapes the quantum realm, igniting a plan to avenge the decimated and a final battle Jul 26, 2019 · "Good. Before he took out his phone to distract himself. "Peter's talked about you. He should have never let Peter take the bullet. Field trips were always trouble. A lot has happened to him and the other Avengers in that time and as the middle of Peter's senior school year arrives, Midtown High School gets a surprise invitation for their Peter's class is going on a field trip to Stark IndustriesPeter doesn't want to go. Peter Parker's eyes flickered open. Enough with the backstory. "Today class, I am going to be passing out permission slips for a surprise field trip this Friday!" Mr. Our teacher, Mr. To Save a Spider By: IPrevail. Happy usually picked him up, but today Sam wanted to pick Peter up. She could see Peter's facial features change. Peter moaned in his sleep, only curling up tighter before he went still again. Stark" peter said as he laid his head on the car window and closed his eyes. Spidey ducked as a lamp post flew over his head. The Inevitable By: JennyElephant. His 'brothers', Peter and Harley, may prove more difficult. Bullies, Interns, and Secret Things By: TheCuriousClockwork. D. May 17, 2019 · Whatever It Takes By: Starryknight09. Tony was in the lab working on the newest prototype for the company when the baby monitor relayed Peter's cries. Bucky behind Peter and Steve behind Ned. … Carol grinned widely and a beam of light shot out from her in all directions. When they all calmed down again, it was finally time to go. Random adorable one shots about the best father/son duo Peter Parker and Tony Stark. Come on Spiderman! "The room's soundproof, by the way. included Avengers SuperFam, Memes, Crack, Cliches (field trips etc), IronDad and SpiderSon, etc. The field trip before the so-called blip was the one Peter left to help Mr. He was too fast. At the age of eight, he was covered in scars. Aug 20, 2021 · Together, they'd take over the world. "Is it time to wake up yet". His mop of brown hair was difficult to see over the mass of small heads but then again, he was the only child that hadn't looked up in silent shock at the appearance of the superheroes. "Oh, come on Pep! It was just one meeting!" She held her glare, but it faltered when she noticed the Avengers standing behind Tony. I want to know your side of the story. Undoubtably the Avengers laughed, at the expense of the dumbfounded employee. Not that his classmates were meters from him or that there were reporters nearby holding eager cameras. Tears at his eyes. "Tony's fine, Peter," he said, and Peter sighed in relief and sank back down in his seat. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Words: 3,076 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 304 The Mighty Avengers Rewrite by Writing Avenger 2016 reviews. Mr Stark didn't look Movies Avengers. Uncle Rhodey. Bucky froze. "I'm so proud of you. (Or that I stumble upon somewhere else. Gym Class By: oncerSM. ten strangers are brought together to handle a menace that threatens the entire world. Alone they are mighty, but together, they are Earths mightiest heroes. Sick in second-period Spanish class. After a moment of weighted silence, he finally spoke. He flinched away from the unwanted feeling and looked up to see who the offender was. Summary: Two and half years have passed since Peter Parker donned the Spider-man suit and made a name for himself. Peter had no idea how Shuri had gotten that footage. Morgan gets separated from Pepper while they are out for lunch and heads to Peter's school. Never in all the time he's had a metal arm has someone told him it was awesome. Grammar, fine. The field trip to D. "Morning Fri" Peter groaned, stretching his limbs. After what happened with the Corporation, Peter has trouble finding his place. " He says, jokingly as they make their way to the Triskelion. There was too much of it. ) Prompt: An injured Peter goes to the tower to ask Mr. Arthur exclaimed. The Avengers were awfully protective, and that's why he never told them he was being bullied. " Yes". BAMF Peter Parker. He-. Peter goes missing only to reappear at school. " 'M sorry," Peter whispered and his head lolled to the right. "She has a family, she's a mom, I don't even have parents, just an aunt. It didn't matter to Peter. Entering into an unlikely alliance with the seemingly reformed Otto Octavius, they embark on a mission to fulfill Otto's original ambition: to heal the world. He pulled out of the lot and driving onto the familiar highway that led to the new Avengers Compound. But he's actually not. HYDRA (Shadow27) At the age of four, his parents died. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Chapters: 11 - Words The Avengers are broken after what Thanos has done, Tony is starving and stranded. Stark or Happy to pick him up. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Morgan S. Sep 21, 2019 · A series of one-shots focused around the precious boi known as Peter Parker. I couldn't get any connection for KAREN to contact you or the other Avengers and the team kinda know that I'm Spider-Man. Peter and Tony meet for the first time when they get trapped in an elevator together. I. A hand on Peter's back did manage to break him out of his mindset. I An Embaressing Field Trip for Flash, as all his taunts against the Stark Kids have been proven wrong. Peter's Field Trip By: Aquamelon008. No matter what had happened before with Civil war, Infinity war, End Game, and Ultron they are all there for one another. "Hey kid," he called, closing the book and tucking it away. Michelle shielded her eyes, trying to see beyond the blinding field that now surrounded Carol. No big deal, nothing to worry about. All of them carried guns and wore black. " Giving Peter a little pat on the knee, the billionaire said in a much softer tone, "Alright, Pete. In fact, it was almost as if he were avoiding their gaze. + -. Stark's suit early tonight so that he could join the Avengers in their movie night that they had every Friday. Pepper shot Tony an angry glance. Peter is regressing mentally to cope with the trauma he's faced and now he's all alone. H. But so far, that didn't seem possible, as he had been waiting here for over Jan 6, 2020 · Peter was run ragged by people all over the building wanting his help, not that Peter himself was actually needed, but everyone wanted his help. " "No. Sure enough, once the students were seated in the first several rows of seats, the Avengers filed in through a side door. broken like me By: thejuicebandit. When Peter runs into trouble on a school trip to Europe, Vision gets the chance to protect and maybe bond with his 'little brother'- With a bit of Peter's brow furrowed for a second trying to understand what he meant before the obvious conclusion hit him and shock lit up his face. Maybe if Peter had known what it was like to have a big family he would have known that being babied by the Avengers meant that they loved him. He did not have nightmares, Tony had asked, nor Peter was shocked. " Sep 25, 2019 · The cloud erupted into happy cheers. A heartbeat. One. 'If a body has to be found in this fire,' he thought to himself, 'it's going to be Peter Parker's. " Peter buried himself further into the man's arms, smiling as he fell to sleep again. Peter saves tony. Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Hurt/Comfort Jul 29, 2012 · Peter was standing beside the teaching assistant for his class, a young woman by the name of Adeline. Tony shook his head furiously; this wasn't happening. Peter's harsh reality for The Avengers By: Phillipe363. Random, non-canon compliant fic that's set post Civil War. Don't save me By: wolfypuppypiles. Extended Summary: He pressed the spider emblem on his chest and slid the suit off, before tossing the costume multiple feet away. Stark put his lips down by Peter's ear and whispered, "You saved me, kid. But he's coping, he thinks. As their friendship grows, so does Bucky's fear, for there is one thing he hopes Peter never learns. Or the one where Peter just wants things to be normal, but he's pretty sure he's losing his mind. Stark for help only to find the other Avengers. This book is full of stories about peter getting sick and tony being the best irondad ever! Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Iron Man/Tony S. Peter had been out 'sick' for the last few days (sick of the knife wound in his side) and had missed the big announcement. " The gunman looked vaguely impressed, while Mrs Phillip's shook her head. May 5, 2019 · Spider-Man Identity Reveal. peter Parker finally gets the chance to show he isn't lying about his job at Stark Industries- a field trip to his workplace, and some avenger surprises. The next thing the Avengers knew, the table had cracked down the middle and the back of Thor's hand was lying firmly on its surface. (Sequel to Broken) Tony bought back Stark Tower and the avengers moved back to allow for the asgardians to stay at the old complex to learn more about earth and stay there for awhile. He asks. Even though they fight they are still a team. Peter dragged his feet as he made his way up the stairs, shoulders slumped, earbuds jammed firmly in his ears. What happens when Tony brings him home? Trigger warning- hints of suicide. They had walked into the office an hour after Peter walked into his first class like they were on a mission. , Iron Man/Tony S. A soldier, a knight, a god, a monster, an ant, a pixie, a spy, an archer, a spider, and an animal. "The girl in the video, that's Maddie. Midtown didn't know what was coming for them. Rogers followed it, and spotted them. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Chapters: 10 - Words: 10,636 - Reviews: 30 - Favs: 74 - Follows: 43 - Updated: 3/15 Peter Parker has an upcoming school field trip and it had to be at the Avengers Tower, Peter is not to happy about that one. Thor," Tony said with a clap of his hands, getting some strange looks. Peter had started coming to S. He walked to the otherside of Peter, crunching his knee beneath his boots. But, who knows, maybe Tony may eventually warm up to him. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Suspense/Family - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,579 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 372 Feb 5, 2022 · Movies Avengers. I kinda had to save my decathlon team and now we are stuck in an island and I couldn't call you and the phones were wrecked. "Let's get you back to class, Peter," Wanda told him with her Sokovian accent, Peter didn't want to go back to class but he knew that his education was important. "Well, what's the first thing to do?" Peter asked, Wanda looked at the time then looked back at Peter. Nat would personally kill Flash, and Peter didn't want that to happen. It starts out as an absolute disaster as the boy just won’t shut up. It's been a month since he last received a phone call in the middle of class, which admittedly left him unprepared for when his phone rang during his science class that day. (No, he just doesn't want to explain about the roof, because he doesn All the eyes in the room turned to Peter and he just about died of embarrassment. , Pepper P. During his ascent through the tower, Peter's mind wandered to FRIDAY and her ever-observant cameras. Please don't read if that's a problem for you. I Tony said with a smirk. At the age of eleven, he tried to escape for the fiftieth time. 23 year old Morgan Stark thinks she has the answer- time travel. Walking into the principal's office, Pepper, Tony and May sat stoically, staring down Midtown's principal, Jim Morita. In a world where the Avengers are fighting, a world which Peter is seemingly too good for, some people would want to protect Peter at all costs. He took out his phone electing to read fanfiction during the two hour journey. May 2, 2019 · Rememberance Chapter 1: Death is hard to forget, an avengers fanfic | FanFiction. Peter buries his head into his pillow and lets out a long groan. "It must be serious if he's willing to put up with a kid. I will take requests. With danger lurking around every corner, it's up to the Avengers to help their youngest recover from his ordeal. "Yeah, yeah, I won't let him get to me Ned, don't you worry," he mumbled. ?" "… inform- Yes, Peter?" she asked, only to continue a second later with, "Oh, I failed to notice your distraction. He had hoped they would be able to finish their work on Mr. E. No, they were most definitely going to embarrass him. Rememberance By: oncerSM. Tony should have asked Peter to stay home. Tell me you're joking!" A few of the students recognised it as a place that the Avengers held press conferences that got televised. "I'm s-sorry. Peter always looked forward to Lab Day, he usually went on a Tuesday and Thursday as they were the Peter scooped his device back up and started to head out the way he'd come, only to pause in the doorway. Peter wouldn't even have known about the trip if Ned hadn't been so excitedly chatting about it. Peter got permission from Ms. Chapter 1. They are twins born a day apart, Harley being the older twin. "Oh my god!" mouthed Ned as he pointed to Steve sitting behind him. Tony snapped his fingers in front of his son's face; 'Earth to Peter Parker-Stark! As Peter drifted off again, Mr. Bring Peter. Luckily he wasn't the only one who jumped "Uhm, heyy Mr Stark. "Either that or he wants to see you. Time's all yours. His webs was cut, yelping in surprise as he flung across the battle zone. " Phil tells Peter. As I walked into my science class, and took my seat next to Ned. C. "Pete," Tony said exasperatedly, "Come on, bud, it's Tony. Favorite Place By: FrazzledRose. Mr. Peter was good at keeping secrets. L. On his first day back from being accused on murder Peter is subjecting the horrors of gym class, but of course all anyone wants to see is Spider-Man. Warren to stay behind and take another elevator up to the living quarters. His eyes full of panic, he turned to Shuri and mouthed, 'NO'. When they entered the whole class gaped at them in awe. Rhodey held his hand over the boy's mouth and nodded to himself, neither of them wanting to look at the trail of blood that ran from the boy's nose. Peter, Everyone's Favourite to Protect By: thewriterstory. They made a bunch of things explode and the class seemed to have a good time. , Spider-Man/Peter Parker - Chapters: 5 - Words: 5,432 Peter is currently in his last period of the day, usually Science is one of Peter's favourite classes but today was a Tuesday meaning he was going to Stark/Avengers tower after school for Lab day with Tony so class was going slower than usual. This changed the events of the civil war drastically, Bucky protects Spiderman and when Ironman comes to take Peter opened his mouth to ask how genders worked for AIs when he suddenly realized that during his metal speculation, E. Of course, Aunt May, Happy, Ned, MJ, and the Avengers knew about Spiderman, but none of them knew he was a S. Even if that means summoning the Avengers, threatening them, and Movies Avengers. sg ld iq od xz mc ub pl ki nm